We’re well into the planning cycle for the 2022 Dispatches Adventure Ride! The route and dates are set and it’s time to start spreading the word!

There are a few of ways you can connect with the ride:

  1. Come out and ride along for a while – No registration, no fees, just meet me at one of the coffee stops along the way or haul up alongside me on the road!
  2. Connect with me at one of the hundreds of rest stops along the way – You don’t need a motorcycle to drink coffee! Stop by one of the scheduled rest stops and when you see my ugly mug over…well…a mug, just come and say hello!
  3. Attend one of the events across Canada – The Dispatches Speaking Tour will hold events at 27 communities across Canada where I’l share my story of living with PTSD and transition to civilian life after service.

Dates, times and route information can be found in the Calendar or through the Dispatches Google Map.

2022 Route Dates

2022 Route Map