Michael Terry is a 23-year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces. He retired in 2018 due to complications arising from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and immediately began to feel the effects of depression, loneliness, isolation, as well as loss of identity and purpose.

To combat these side effects, Michael began to ride his motorcycle around Canada and to speak openly about his struggles living with PTSD and his challenges transitioning to civilian life. Not only has this forced him to face his own issues head-on, it has also allowed him to continue to serve his community, to challenge himself mentally and physically, to find new passion and purpose, and to begin to heal.

2023 marks the sixth year of the Dispatches Adventure Ride Speaking Tour. From May to July, Michael will be touring across Eastern Canada to connect with Canadians of all backgrounds in order to normalize discussions surrounding mental health and transitional issues. This will be done through encouraging people to connect along the route (meeting at pre-determined coffee stops, joining in the ride for a time), formal speaking engagements (professional development sessions, peer support groups, service clubs, etc.) and other outreach activities.

To book Michael to speak at your organization or event at no cost, or to see how you can support Dispatches Adventure Ride, you can contact him here or check out How Can I Get Involved.